Hydraulik Unternehmen

Hydraulics service

from the specialist

Your hydraulic system needs regular maintenance or quick repair? We would be happy to repair and overhaul your existing hydraulic systems. It is best to make your units more economical at the same time. We modernize your hydraulics to the latest state of the art, as far as this makes economic sense. You will receive sound advice on which optimizations and services are recommended for your hydraulic system.

Above all, the hose lines installed in your system must be inspected for preventive maintenance and as part of the regular risk assessment and replaced every 6 years according to the DGUV. We will be pleased to take over hose management for you. Our hydraulic service includes the customized production of hose lines in all common dimensions and connection variants.

Benefit from S&Ü as a competent and reliable specialist for the maintenance & repair of your complex hydraulic systems and components.

All hydraulic components and assemblies also available individually

The scope of supply of S&Ü Hydraulik und Maschinenbau includes products of well-known manufacturers. We are at your disposal with technical advice and services for the most different hydraulic components.

  • Gear pumps
  • Gear motors
  • Pump drives
  • Electric motors
  • Distribution motors
  • Bellhousings
  • Diesel engines
  • Flexible couplings
  • Pressure valves
  • Flow control valves
  • Adjustable throttle check valves, throttle valves and orifice plates
  • Check valves
  • Electrically operated directional control valves
  • Accessories
  • Connecting nipple
  • Cutting ring fittings
  • Flanged screw fittings
  • ORSF fittings

It is generally recommended that hydraulic hose lines are used for a maximum period of 6 years under normal conditions, including a storage period of no more than 2 years (BGR 37 [3]). In the event of multi-shift operation or significant external influences, a 2-year replacement interval is recommended.

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Hydraulic lines
  • Industrial hoses
  • Custom hoses
  • Press fittings
  • Seals
  • Attachment elements
  • Spare parts
  • Quick couplings (push-pull)
  • Quick-release couplings-screw couplings
  • Quick release couplings, flat sealing
  • Ball valves / multi-way valves
  • Quick couplings, multiple
  • Sealing rings / bands and dust caps