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according to your wishes

Do you need a hydraulic power unit individually adapted to your requirements? With many years of experience, our hydraulic specialists will design exactly the hydraulic power unit for you that optimally covers the tasks for your daily needs and your area of application. S&Ü supplies solutions for a wide range of applications in vehicle construction, agricultural and construction machinery, special machinery, press construction and for the manufacturing industry.

Special solutions for your individual hydraulic power unit

We flexibly adapt the design, dimensions and all other elements and properties to your requirements. You will receive your customized power unit: from mobile workshop power units to compact power units for industry or agriculture to standard designs. If required, our hydraulic systems also include customized cylinders. Our wealth of experience combined with a well-stocked warehouse enables us to develop solutions quickly and deliver on short notice. With our quality checks during production and flexible coordination with you, you get a hydraulic unit that is ready for use quickly and that you can rely on for a long time.

Energy-efficient hydraulic systems

You save a lot of energy if the electric motor of your hydraulic power unit only runs when hydraulic oil is needed. That is why we offer hydraulic power packs with intermittent operation. The power pack switches to idle mode as soon as no function is pending. It starts up again immediately when the function is activated again. Alternatively, a frequency converter with automatic pressure monitoring can regulate the output depending on the amount of oil required. You benefit in the long term from the energy-efficiently planned system.

Compact aggregates achieve a low construction size. Individual compact power units are used above all when conventional series do not fit. They are particularly suitable for confined installation spaces in workshop technology and mobile hydraulics. Compact power units are used in lifting devices, handling systems and tool machines. They are also used in lifting platforms and testing equipment.
An S&Ü compact power unit is available in numerous equipment options. For example, motor variants in 24V, 48V, 230V and 400V.

For your hydraulic power unit, we design the pump, motor, tank, displays, controls, etc. to suit the application perfectly. The individual power units in conventional design are mainly used in the manufacturing industry.
Short delivery times for your aggregate are possible at S&Ü, because we always have all main components in stock. Any problems that may occur during operation of the units are quickly solved by our technicians, as the appropriate spare parts are in stock and S&Ü does not install any components that are difficult to obtain.
Benefit from our special machine construction know-how and extensive experience in automation applications. We solve complex control tasks with routine. Each hydraulic pump is designed specifically for the application. Thus, the bar pressure or the number of liters of the tank is appropriately dimensioned.

PTO gensets are a real alternative to the classic emergency generator. Their use is not tied to a specific location. They are ideal for stationary and mobile power supply in construction, forestry and agriculture as well as for municipalities. The S&Ü PTO generators can be easily attached to tractors. For the design, we advise you individually on the basis of the electrical consumers for which the PTO generators are to be used at your site.

Services for hydraulic power units

Our experienced employees are also available to you after delivery with technical advice as well as maintenance and repair services for your power unit. To ensure the longevity of your equipment, we only use products and accessories from well-known quality manufacturers.

Hydraulic components and accessories – also available individually

All hydraulic components and assemblies are available individually as required. Starting with the hydraulic pump and motor, hydraulic hose lines, suitable valves, sensor technology, up to the screw connection, flange and adapter, we have all the required products ready for you. We attach importance to parts from well-known suppliers, such as HAWE or Bosch. Due to our own stock, you will quickly get what you need for your hydraulic systems. We are at your side with technical advice.

Hydraulic cylinders – from standard to customized: As a hydraulic specialist, we offer both new cylinders and the repair of hydraulic cylinders of any design. Please do not hesitate to ask us – we will help you!

Tell us your requirements for your hydraulic power unit.
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