Driverless Automated Guided Vehicle


Automated guided vehicles are reliable helpers for the automated internal transport of goods between storage locations and processing machines. Fetch times are minimised. Automated intralogistics significantly reduce the error rate. Thanks to individually programmable, intelligent navigation, the S&Ü transport systems drive autonomously – without rails or induction loops – safely through your production.

Reliable material flow with driverless automated guided vehicles

Our automated guided vehicles are programmed with the Flexi-Soft safety system. This enables the vehicle to react to external influences and safely avoid fixed obstacles or people. Existing traffic routes can be used by the automated guided vehicle (AGV) and by people at the same time. The built-in Sick sensor technology ensures the determination of safety areas as well as orientation. As paths become narrower or when an obstacle approaches, the travel speed is automatically reduced. The AGV levels slopes up to a certain degree with pendulum compensation. Autonomous navigation takes place via a 2D layout of your production. It can be individually programmed. This makes it easy to adapt the transport routes in the course of conversions or a move.

This special lift truck is a driverless transport vehicle (FTF) developed according to the customer’s wishes. Together with the customer, we developed it in a version with a stainless steel surface (V2A) so that it meets the high hygiene requirements of the food industry. In clean rooms, the driverless vehicle transports food hygienically and with great safety.

The following data shows the customer example from the food industry. The machine data given are not fixed, but result from the specific customer specifications. The robust trolley with hydraulic lift drive is also available in a standard version for your intralogistics in production.

– Lifting height: by arrangement
– Load capacity: max. 800 kg
– Free lift
– Powered by SEW
– 7.68 kWh battery storage
– Maximum travel speed: 1.6 m/sec
– Self-learning autonomous navigation for reliable material flow
– Battery type: LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate
– Standard: DIN EN ISO 3691-4_2020
– Wide range of platform options / load handling devices

Compact dimensions
– Length: 2300 mm
– Width: 840 mm
– Height: 1990 mm

Safety system
– SEW Safety System
– Vehicle reacts to external influences and adjusts driving modes accordingly

Charging station for AGV
– Type: 48V charger for lifetime-optimised battery charging
– Battery charge monitoring including intelligent charge cycle control

Intelligent solution for transport tasks – not only in the food industry

This lift truck as driverless transport vehicle is a new development of S&Ü Hydraulik und Maschinenbau GmbH – originally designed for the food industry, but also available in a standard version for industry. You can see how the compact AGV is used for intralogistics tasks in the warehouse.

You can download the data sheet for the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV / FTS) here.

We will be happy to answer your questions for an individual Automated Guided Vehicle system for use in your industry!