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Wood chips drying plant

individually according to demand

Are you looking for efficient drying technology? S&Ü develops high-performance drying systems for wood chips. Our customers include, for example, forestry, sawmills or operators of wood gasifiers. We support you in the design of your individual plant concept.

Moving floor container
Drying unit
HGT Homogentrockner
HGT homogeneous dryer

Drying plants for wood chips

The HGT homogeneous dryer from S&Ü dries wood chips automatically and with low dust levels. It is suitable for connection to any heat source, such as CHP waste heat or wood firing. The unit dries evenly to a specified final moisture content. The continuous passage of the wood chips through three drying zones ensures optimal aeration, prevents moisture pockets and enables high energy efficiency. You save manual rearrangement and intermediate storage of the products. Your wood chips are conveyed in throughput and optimally matched to the requirements of your wood gasifier. You save time. Your plant operates without interruptions.

Drying system

In close cooperation with customers and science, S&Ü develops practice-oriented drying systems. Our new development enables the decentralised production and supply of uniformly dry wood chips and sawdust up to 40,000 m³/a.

Components of the robust drying plants:

Moving floor container
– Variable volumes between 40-80 m³
Scraper chain conveyor
– Electric drive, controlled via fill level sensor
– Particularly robust due to chain plastic guide on both sides
Drying unit
– Gebläseauslegung nach Anforderung
– Drying container with special air guidance
– Drying system with 3 zones:
1. preheating zone: preheating by moderate air circulation around the material
2. main drying zone: strong aeration of the material
3. rest zone: no aeration of the material, exclusive heat dissipation by natural convection
Conveying technology
Electrical control

More details about the drying system can be found in this pdf-download (german)

For your drying systems, you can obtain upstream drying units with blowers in various versions, suitably designed for your system.

Completely assembled or individually deliverable heat exchangers:
– Blower (radial/axial) as required, painted or galvanised design
– Control system integrated or controlled via separate unit
– Base frame as required
– Air outlet as required with downstream hot air distribution to one or more distributors
– Other air ducts

S&Ü stands for intelligent solutions for individual requirements in mechanical engineering. Together with our customers, we develop optimal system concepts for your conditions. Please contact us!

New BAFA funding programme for process heat utilisation

Are you planning a biomass plant? Your waste heat sources can be used for wood drying? Check out BAFA’s new funding programme (

  • BAFA funding for energy efficiency in industry: With a funding rate of up to 55 percent, investment costs for process heat from renewable energies are supported. This applies, for example, to biomass plants where more than 50 percent of the heat is used for processes such as the production, further processing or refinement of products or for the provision of services – such as drying. (

Customer example of a drying plant for wood chips

In the video you can see a production line developed by S&Ü for the preparation and drying of wood chips for subsequent wood-fired power generation.

Our drying plants are designed for energy efficiency, reliability and a high drying quality exactly according to your individual needs. Our many years of experience as a drying technology provider for wood chips enable us to specifically adapt to your wishes. Each S&Ü drying plant for wood chips is individually manufactured at our site in Germany. For further information and advice on drying systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your enquiry!