Packaging lines

When designing and manufacturing packaging lines, the most important factors are technical engineering expertise and a good understanding of the customer’s needs. Our team of experienced hydraulic and mechanical engineering experts knows about the complexity of individual packaging lines and develops tailor-made solutions for your needs.

Working closely with our customers, we plan automated packaging lines, for example for firewood. We offer customers added value by intelligently combining weighing technology, packaging technology and control engineering.

You can also use our packaging lines with automatic feed and separation functions to fill and pack bags and cardboard boxes in the desired quantity in next to no time. Our state-of-the-art industrial robots pack firewood into, for example, cardboard boxes, and thereby achieve a considerable reduction in time and costs.

If you want to increase the productivity of your production line, please contact us. Our experienced team is there to develop an individual and customised solution for your company.


Robot packaging line / Boxed and bagged goods

packaged in bags or cardboard boxes
order-specific layout, with automatic feed and separation

Packaging of high-quality firewood using industrial robots
e.g. approx. 8 kg per box.

Firewood packaging line / Pallet

Example of order-specific specifications:

  • Automatic packaging of high-quality firewood
  • Installed sorters according to line requirements
  • Weighing technology with separation of 400 kg firewood on the line
  • Recyclable and cost-effective packaging

Service specification / time limit:
5.45 min per completed pallet = 88 pallets at 400 kg per working day (8 h)

Stored capacity:
4.00 min per completed pallet = 88 pallets at 400 kg per working day (8 h)