Sawing and splitting machines

for big challenges

Are you looking for a new solution for the production of log splitting in the forest industry? S&Ü is known for its large sawing and splitting machines with a high degree of automation, over 180 of which are already in use throughout Europe. We are your partner for robust machines in the entire process chain for firewood preparation: from sawing and splitting, through drying, to professional packaging. We offer proven series products for which you can choose many individual extras and variants.

Automatic sawing and splitting machines for heavy timber up to 850 mm

Special features:

  • Avoidance of off-cuts through automatic log length measurement
  • Log production by the metre possible
  • One-man system due to integrated crane for adding logs
  • Splitting technology that requires little splitting pressure
  • Log feeding by push system instead of conveyor belt
  • Highly efficient hydraulics for low energy consumption

Innovative splitting technology

With sophisticated splitting mechanisms, the saw splitters process thick wood up to 850 mm into evenly sized logs. Automatic log length measurement helps you avoid off-cuts. The special feature of our automatic firewood splitters ISSA 700 and ISSA 850 is that they do not press all the wood through a multi-part splitting cross at once, but process it repeatedly with a large cross blade as it is slowly pushed past. As a result, the innovative interval log splitters manage with significantly less splitting pressure than conventional log splitters. For log feeding of logs up to 6000 mm long, S&Ü relies on a pushing system instead of a conveyor belt. The stationary automatic log splitters for use in yards or halls are optionally driven by electric motors or diesel engines. The mobile solutions, which shred your logs directly on the forest road, are driven by diesel engines.

Remote maintenance for mobile firewood machines

Mobile machines and plants are often used in remote locations. For this purpose, we use powerful operating devices and remote maintenance solutions that have to be particularly robust in the forestry industry. No matter where your plant is located: Via remote maintenance, our customer service quickly rectifies any faults.

Durable and powerful with low operating costs

We adapt the versatile automatic sawing and splitting machines optimally to your individual utilization challenges right from the construction stage. Due to their high quality, repairs are rarely necessary even at high production rates with high splitting speeds. You benefit from the long service life and low operating costs. The use of high-quality components, such as particularly efficient hydraulic technology, significantly reduces diesel consumption compared to conventional systems.

Processing of heavy timber

The ISSA 850 automatic sawing and splitting machine processes logs up to 850 mm in diameter. The much more compact ISSA 700 processes log diameters up to 700 mm into firewood.
For processing large log diameters in forestry operations, we offer long log splitters or large splitters that split log diameters up to 1000 mm, 1200 mm, or 1500 mm to a length of 3000 mm, for example.

World record set with S&Ü automatic sawing and splitting machine

In the video you can see how our customer, the firewood manufacturer Chenuz bois de feu Sàrl, produced 793 ster (cubic meters) of wood splits within 24 hours and thus achieved a new wood splitting world record.

Further plants for your firewood production

Other S&Ü solutions for the forestry industry include large splitters for log diameters up to 1500 mm and drying systems for wood.

For the processing of large wood diameters we offer long log splitters / large splitters which split log diameters up to 1.00 m, 1.20 m or 1.50 m at a length of, e.g., 3 m. The drive and features are variable. Ideal for pre-splitting for chipper loading.

The SHT drum dryer provides oven-dry and virtually splinter-free firewood. By regularly turning the logs over in the drum, a smooth, clean surface is created, which enables end users to burn the wood cleanly and conveniently. The SHT drum dryer is operated economically, for example, with waste heat from a biogas plant at a water supply temperature of approx. 90 °C. Forest-fresh logs from 20 to 50 cm in length dry evenly within approx. five days without the formation of moisture pockets. You save storage costs compared to conventional drying methods.

Get advice

We would be pleased to inform you in a personal conversation about the S&Ü automatic saw splitters as well as about our entire range of machines for your forestry technology. In addition to the automatic sawing and splitting machines, we also provide professional packaging of your wood with our packaging lines. Furthermore, drying systems, such as homogeneous dryers, powerful heat exchangers and drying fans, complete our portfolio for your wood processing.

Frequently asked questions about S&Ü sawing and splitting machines

The S&Ü splitting machines are customised to your requirements. For this reason, the final price is always based on a personalised quote. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone for a detailed quotation.

Yes, there are often demonstration machines available. These are then presented here on the site.
It is also possible to arrange demonstration appointments at the premises of our existing customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please contact us for an appointment in your region.

The throughput depends on many factors. Depending on the type of wood processed or how straight or crooked the logs are, the number of cubic metres per hour varies greatly. In addition, the efficiency and speed of the automatic splitting machines depends on how they are operated. For this reason, we instruct you in detail when purchasing a system so that you can realise the highest possible throughput. With an ISSA 700 or 850, an average of 8 – 12 solid cubic metres per hour can be achieved. A significantly higher throughput can be realised with optimised operating processes and suitable timber quality.

If you maintain and operate your firewood processor professionally, there is hardly any maintenance work involved. If you have any questions about the optimum setting and maintenance of your system, we will be happy to support you personally: both an electrician and a master craftsman, who know the technology used down to the last detail, will answer your questions directly. On request, we can check your system remotely and give you feedback on how to optimise the settings. If requested, we can also arrange an appointment at your premises, where we can answer any questions and make fine adjustments together with you for a service fee.

When you purchase a new automatic splitting saw, we include a full day of detailed instruction. We train you and your employees to operate your system on our company premises. You will receive instruction on all functions – both electrical and hydraulic.

Yes, we occasionally offer used S&Ü sawing and splitting machines from our customers for sale here. Please have a look here on this page or in our S&Ü machine portal.

Used S&Ü automatic sawing and splitting machines

We offer here from time to time used S&Ü automatic saw gap machines of our customers for sale. If you would like to know more details about the offers or would like to be informed by e-mail about new offers directly from us, please write to ansprechpartner@s-und-ue.de .