Sägespaltautomat SSA 550

Sawing and splitting machine SSA 550

for logs with a diameter of up to 550 mm

The SSA 550 sawing and splitting machine is designed for the production of meter timber and split lengths between 250 mm and 1,000 mm. The 8- or 16-fold splitting cross ensures high-quality log splitting. It processes log diameters up to 550 mm.

Basic equipment

  • Splitting stroke: up to 1,000 mm
  • Splitting wedge 8-fold to 24-fold
  • Splitting pressure: approx. 30 to
  • Hydraulic saw drive: Hultdins Super Cut 100
  • Saw blade: Oregon Harvester
  • Control system: Siemens SPS
  • Trunk diameter: up to 550 mm
  • Chain conveyor: approx. 5,000 mm
Variant SSA 550 / mobile
Sägespaltautomat kaufen
Sägespaltautomat SSA 500 schwarz
Equipment details
  • Trunk length measurement
  • Double cut
  • Radio control
  • Hydraulically adjustable sorting star conveyor
  • Chip blower
  • Diesel engine
  • Power take-off shaft drive
  • Electric drive 45 kw or 75 kw electric motor
  • Tandem chassis 18 tons/compressed air up to 40 or 80 km/h
  • Prop. Control valve, 6-way incl. joy sticks
  • Operating stand
  • Feeding table (WxL 4×6 m / chain conveyor incl. separation)
Individually selectable
  • Rigid discharge conveyor as belt conveyor approx. 7,000 mm or hydraulically foldable as belt conveyor approx. 5,000 mm
  • Sorting grids manually (WxL= 1×1, 4m, passage=65 mm) or hydraulically adjustable (WxL= 1×1, 4m, passage=65 mm)
  • Crane as loader crane / forwarder crane EPSILON M 70 F 86 or as fully hydraulic timber loading crane EPSILON M 100 L
  • Crane superstructure and hydraulic pump for crane
Optional equipment
  • Chassis body according to customer provision
  • Extras for crane equipment, such as rotator / indexator G121 or grab FG 37, 43 or 53
  • Operating cabin with basic equipment or individual equipment can be selected
  • Chain conveyor extension

Variant SSA 550 / stationary
Sägespaltautomat mit Dieselmotor stationär

Pictures of the SSA 550 sawing and splitting machine

Video on SSA performance: Wood splitting world record 2020

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