With our efficient and modern CNC machines we have an enormous manufacturing capacity.

The Weiler E90 rotates your workpieces accurately and efficiently with a centre distance of 4500 mm and a centre height of 450 mm.

High-accuracy CNC milling is programme-controlled with the Laguna GBM 42E. It is possible to produce complex components economically and in a consistently high quality with the available processing paths of X 4000 mm, Y 1200 mm, Z 1500 mm and a table load of 10000 kg thanks to precise positioning (< 0.010 mm).

Everything revolves around your order!

Übersicht unserer Projekte:

Weiler Lathe, cycle-controlled – E90
Laguna GBM 42E

Weiler Lathe, cycle-controlled – E 90

  • Centre distance: 4500 mm
  • Centre height: 450 mm
  • Swing diameter above bed: 900 mm

Laguna GBM 42E

  • Effective area of the table: 4200×1000 mm
  • Paths:Longitudinal X: 4000 mm
  • Diagonal Y: 1200 mm
  • Vertical Z: 1500 mm
  • Permissible table load: 10000 kg
  • 40-fold tool changer