Testing and cleaning systems

With a qualified team of employees, and in close cooperation with our customers, we develop practical testing and cleaning technology solutions.

Client: Industry
Application: Test bench for water heaters

Full control: The technician places the water heater on the test bench and connects the required hoses. Filling, pressure maintenance and drainage occurs automatically.


  • Collecting container with a galvanised mesh insert
  • Sump for submersible pump
  • Recesses in gratings for hose connection
  • Forklift lugs for mobile use

Centrifugal pump for filling / HP pump / discharge support via compressed air
Filling, regulation and shutdown via control unit / preselection 7.8 bar or 10 bar
Control Siemens S7 1200 / pressure switch / flow monitor
Electro-pneumatically operated control valves / filling line
Line connection on the tank via Walther quick coupling system
Adapters, test connections

Client: Recycling plants and reconditioners
Application use: Pressure testing of cleaned containers

Pressure testing system for semi-automatic pressure testing of recyclable containers of various sizes.

Client: Recycling plants and reconditioners
Application use: Cleaning of recyclable containers

High-pressure interior cleaning system for the internal cleaning of 1000 l containers with rotating spray nozzles.

Client: Recycling plants and reconditioners
Application: Flushing device

You specify the task. We’ll find the right solution!

Client: Recycling plants and reconditioners
Application: The drum scraper is designed to remove liquid residues from open 200 l drum containers.

The machine is brought to the starting position. The drum is manually placed on the rollers in a horizontal position. The open side must point towards the drain channel.
The drum is now pushed against the scraper rubber using a shifting unit with a pneumatic cylinder by operating the 5/3 way hand lever valve. Then the swivel arm with gear motor is pressed against the drum via a pneumatic cylinder by operating the corresponding 5/3 way hand lever valve. The motor is switched on automatically by an initiator. The drum is turned on the rollers, the residues in the drum are removed by the scraper rubber and flow into the drainage channel, from where they are collected in an external container (e.g. bucket). After the cleaning process, the drive motor is switched off by retracting the swivel arm and the drum is moved backwards by operating the shifting unit.