S&Ü Mülltonnen Kippvorrichtung Gesamtanlage

Waste bin tipping facility

for large waste containers

As a waste disposal company, you exchange filled waste containers for empty ones at your customers’ sites? Would you like to make the process of unloading and tipping the bins at your recycling plant much easier? The waste bin tipping facility from S&Ü is a hydraulic lifting and tipping device for tipping and internal transport of large waste containers. It supports all operations from the unloading process from the vehicle via a steel platform, through the automated tipping process, to pre-cleaning and transport to the bin washing plant with a conveyor line.

The hydraulic lifting and tipping device is optimised for tipping either five 120-litre waste containers or three 240-litre waste containers simultaneously. The working platform is a galvanised steel platform with gratings that is adjusted to the unloading height of your trucks. The conveyor line after tipping takes the bins to the next operation, such as a washing plant. The bin tipping device facilitates and reduces physical work.

S&Ü Mülltonnenkippanlagen Grafik

Data of the waste bin tipping facility

Hydraulic lifting and tipping device for tipping and transporting large waste containers

  • Simple operation via selector switch and start/stop push button
  • Rotary switch for selecting the bin size
  • Container holder with hydraulic locking, e.g. for 5×120 litre or 3×240 litre bins
  • Control panel: keys, selector switch and Siemens touch panel
  • Drive and supply of components via 200-litre hydraulic unit
  • Tilting range: 2800 mm wide
  • Lifting device via hydraulic cylinder with chain hoist on both sides
  • Working load of the system: approx. 700 kg
  • Tipping height: 1100 mm – 1400 mm (adjustable via lift)
  • Tipping angle: up to a maximum of 180 degrees

Work platform and conveyor line to a barrel washing plant

  • Construction on working platform as galvanised steel platform with gratings 30×10; 900 mm high
  • Construction from steel profiles and flame-cut parts
  • Steel construction underframe with connecting flange to curve conveyor
  • Portal with link chain conveyor for receiving and transferring the tons to the conveyor line
  • Movable on flanged rollers
  • Pre-cleaning of the bins via pipeline with rinsing nozzles
  • Belt/curved conveyor with roller chains and mat chains for feeding and discharging the external bin washing machine
  • Driven by SEW gear motors
  • Conveying speed: approx. 4-15 m/min.
  • Adjustable railing guides
  • Rubberised mat belt carriers
  • Electrical control: Siemens SPS
  • Optional: Hydraulically folding chain conveyors and platforms
  • Outfeed conveyor to the bin buffer zone with collection container for manual removal

Learn more about the S&Ü waste bin tipping facility in the datasheet

Realised customer project for a waste bin tipping facility

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