Wood processing

Wood is a versatile building material and is being used more and more as an environment-friendly energy source. S&Ü Hydraulik und Maschinenbau GmbH develops high-performance special-purpose machines for efficient and highly automated wood processing.

Our state-of-the-art special-purpose machines meet the requirements of the entire wood processing process chain: from sawing and splitting to drying and professional packaging.

For industrial suppliers of firewood, we offer, for example, stationary or mobile sawing and splitting machines for the processing of logs with a diameter of up to 80 cm. We also offer functional long-reach log splitters, vertical splitters and automatic interval splitters for further processing.

And for professional and rapid drying of wood, we offer intelligent solutions such as the SHT 50 log drum dryer or the HGT homogeneous dryer for drying wood chips. Powerful heat exchangers and drying fans complement the range. We design individual, fully automated system solutions for the final packaging of firewood to meet your needs.

Important and of interest to you:

There is a new funding programme for the utilisation of process heat:

  • BAFA: Module 2: Energy efficiency and process heat from renewable energy sources in industry: up to 55 % of admissible costs. Process heat from renewable energy sources refers to biomass plants, where more than 50 percent of the heat is used for processes, i.e. for the production, further processing or refinement of products or for the provision of services, such as drying.


Interval splitting machine ISSA 800 and 700

With the ISSA 800 automatic sawing and splitting machine, you can split logs up to 80 cm in diameter into manageable logs in no time at all.

The mobile machine owes its name, automatic interval splitter, to its state-of-the-art splitting method: Contrary to conventional automatic splitting machines, the wood is processed at intervals by a large cross knife and thus cut successively into logs. This procedure allows a significantly lower splitting force of just 25 tonnes compared to other automatic sawing and splitting machines.

The ISSA 800 offers exceptional productivity when combined with the convenient log feed via push system, the easy-to-operate crane and the high-performance saw-bar.
The high degree of automation and intelligent monitoring via remote maintenance enables companies in the wood industry to achieve a considerable level of throughput.

The interval splitting machines series has been expanded and now includes the ISSA 800 and the ISSA 700. This model specialises in logs with a diameter of up to 70 cm.

We can design and manufacture the automatic interval splitting machines ISSA 800 and ISSA 700 according to your individual requirements. Contact us for professional advice.

The following video shows an example of the ISSA 700:

You can find further data in our Information for download:

ISSA 800 – Fernwartung

Fachartikel – S&Ü Intervallspalter

Fachartikel – “Blaues Wunder”

Sawing and splitting machines SSA mobile

The automated machines of the SSA series by S&Ü are ideal for the professional sawing and splitting of logs. The combination of a 5,000 mm long chain conveyor and an impressive splitting force means that these mobile sawing and splitting machines offer outstanding productivity.

The intelligent remote maintenance function complements the advantages of the SSA automatic sawing and splitting machines.

In order to meet your individual requirements, we offer the models SSA 500, 550 and 700. The SSA 500 and 550 automatic sawing and splitting machines operate with a splitting force of 30 tonnes each, which can be raised to 50 tonnes.
The SSA 700 model can achieve a splitting force of 80 tonnes and is ideal for logs up to 70 cm in diameter.

You can also customise the S&Ü automatic sawing and splitting machines in a modular way to suit your personal requirements. The design of the splitting wedge and the discharge conveyor, as well as the equipment of the crane and the operator’s platform can be adjusted to your needs.

We will gladly support you with the configuration and are readily available for advice and assistance.

Sawing and splitting machines SSA stationary

With a well-trained team of employees we offer project planning, production and assembly of complex stationary wood processing machines, such as the SSA 500 stationary and SSA 700 stationary with various accessories.

Long log splitter / Large splitter LHSP

The latest storm inflicted considerable damage on forests and their owners across Europe. For the processing of large wood diameters we offer long log splitters / large splitters which split log diameters up to 1.00 m, 1.20 m or 1.50 m at a length of, e.g., 3 m. The drive and features are variable. Ideal for pre-splitting for chipper loading.

Firewood packaging

We can develop your individual, fully automated firewood packaging according to your own requirements!


  • Storage container
  • conveyor belt – weighing belt
  • Stretch wrapper
  • Conveyor belt
  • Pallet dispenser
  • Safety fencing
  • Electrical system

Wood chip drying HGT

With a highly qualified team of employees and the latest scientific findings, and in close cooperation with our customers, we develop professional wood chip drying solutions.
A new development for decentralised production and distribution of evenly dry wood chips up to 40,000 m³/a

Contact us! We are there to support you in designing a suitable system concept.

Drying fan / Heat exchanger

Available fully assembled or as individual units:

  • Heat exchanger according to requirements
  • Fans (radial/axial) as required, coated or galvanised design
  • Integrated control or controlled via a separate system
  • Base frame according to requirements
  • Exhaust outlets according to requirements with downstream warm air
  • distribution to one or more distributors
  • Other air ducts

Contact us!
We are there to support you in designing a suitable heat concept.