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Hydraulic cylinders

manufacturing and repair

Hydraulic cylinders are used everywhere where heavy loads have to be moved. There are as many designs as there are applications. Our range of products therefore extends from standard cylinders and customized variants to the repair of hydraulic cylinders.

Which design do you need? Or is the repair of a defective hydraulic cylinder possibly the more economical alternative for you? Ask us – we will help you!

Repair and overhaul of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are subject to extreme demands. Signs of abrasion and damage occur on a regular basis. As a hydraulic specialist, we can repair any hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder. Every year, we routinely repair over 1,000 damaged hydraulic cylinders with our own machine tools. Quick and flexible help is often needed. We have an extensive stock of spare parts for common repairs. We can also professionally recondition many hydraulic cylinders and piston rods. With our great expertise and very well-equipped workshop, your hydraulic cylinder will be ready for use again in the shortest possible time.

Repair as a cost-effective alternative to buying new

The repair of damaged hydraulic cylinders of any make can be more cost-effective than a new purchase or new construction. Above all, rapid repair shortens machine downtimes and production losses. Take advantage of our all-round service – no matter where your hydraulic cylinders are in use. As a basis for your decision, you will receive precise information on the costs in advance.

Hydraulic cylinder repair service at a glance:

  • Repair of all cylinder types – regardless of manufacturer
  • Machining and rebuilding of cylinders up to 4,000 mm in length and up to 900 mm in diameter
  • Surface repair with external cylindrical grinding and chrome plating
  • execution of turning and milling works
  • reconditioning of cylinder bearings to original dimensions
  • straightening of piston rods and honing of cylinder tubes including concentricity check
  • Welding of connections
  • New construction of cylinders
  • Replacement of hydraulic hoses and specific seals
  • Disassembly and assembly service

Common reasons for hydraulic cylinder repairs:

  • We repair leaks through which hydraulic fluid escapes very frequently
  • Bent piston rods due to overload or blockages
  • Damage to the guide elements as well as scoring on the running surfaces, for example due to foreign bodies in the cylinder
  • Damaged chrome coatings and spalling on the piston rod due to excessive external impact on the chrome coating