Verpackungsroboter und Cobots

Packaging robots and cobots

Flexible automation

The last step of your value-added chains, the packaging of your products, is a demanding one: with ever shorter delivery times, there is hardly any time left for goods and pallet handling. Nevertheless, you want to ensure careful and standard-compliant packaging for undamaged transport. However, your employees should not be burdened with monotonous tasks. Packaging robots and cobots save time and resources while ensuring high packaging quality before your products leave the company.

Packaging robots and cobots as reliable helpers

The state-of-the-art S&Ü industrial robots pack individual goods into cartons, stack boxes on pallets or repack goods and realise considerable time and cost reductions. Collaborating robots (cobots), for example articulated robots, are particularly suitable for integration into existing packaging lines, where they perform their work together with your employees. They do not need to be shielded by special protective equipment.

Universal, flexible application possibilities

Specifications and standards for packaging change regularly. Packaging robots can be adjusted relatively flexibly to new requirements within your automation. If products and customer requirements change, you reprogram your packaging robot within the possible framework. The processes of the collaborative robots can be adapted quickly and without special IT knowledge.
The right selection of grippers and equipment is used for your packaging materials. Whether sensitive polystyrene, simple cardboard boxes, bagged goods or robust logs, we find the optimum gripping tool for every material.

State-of-the-art S&Ü industrial robots pack firewood, among other things, into cardboard boxes, thereby achieving significant time and cost reductions.

  • Line for packing high-quality firewood using an industrial robot, e.g. approx. 8 kg per carton
  • Configuration according to order, with automatic feeding and separation
  • Packaging of the products as sacks or cartons possible

Within a packing line, a robot handling system custom-developed by S&Ü simultaneously picks up three polystyrene packages (500 mm x 500 mm x 1000 mm) positioned next to each other at a given location and stacks them to form a package of max. 2.8 m height.

  • The 1m x 1m x 1m packages are each picked up individually and stacked on location 2.
  • The top panels are stacked on location 1.
  • After a maximum height of 2.8 m has been reached in each case, the entire stack is moved one position further by means of the conveyor. This is repeated until the entire conveyor is occupied.
  • Then the conveyor is emptied with the stacker and the stacking process can start again.

Customer project: Robot handling for food crates

In the video you can see a packaging system with integrated robot technology that fills food crates with vegetables and stacks them on pallets with a robot.

Customer project: Robot handling for polystyrene packages

You can see the palletising of Styropor products with a packing robot installed by S&Ü.

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