Drum presses

made to measure

Are you looking for a competent partner for press construction? As a specialist for hydraulics and special machine construction, we realise your individual drum press. The experienced S&Ü team develops innovative and powerful presses that are optimally matched to your drums and areas of application. Simply rely on our expertise in conception, technical layout, design as well as in the manufacture, assembly and documentation of your drum press. We are also happy to offer servicing and maintenance for consistently high performance.

Automated drum presses for your needs

Our drum presses are generally designed to ensure a high level of safety and minimise the build-up of dirt. They press plastic, light sheet metal and rolling hoop drums. We pay special attention to a long service life and reliability. Optionally, mandrels for opening the drums are attached to the robust pressing plates to allow air or gas to escape. This makes it easier to crush the drums. If required, we integrate a collecting tray for residual liquids. The presses are extremely easy and safe to operate. The enclosed design provides protection. We are also happy to realise an explosion-proof design.

Increased efficiency with S&Ü presses

Minimise your space requirements and costs for storage and transport of old drums. The high pressing force of our automated drum presses enables a significant reduction in volume. With their low-maintenance, durable electro-hydraulics and automatic return stroke, the drum presses work quickly and achieve a high pressing capacity per hour.

From the simple drum press to the complex system

Do you need a compact drum press with a small footprint? Or is a robust mobile version the right solution for you? S&Ü will design your custom-fit model. As a special machine builder, we are also happy to plan a complex automated press system for you, including feeding of the sheet metal containers via sophisticated conveyor technology and subsequent distribution to transport containers for recycling.

 Recycling plants and reconditioners
Application: Volume reduction

Semi-automatic press for metal containers in single feed.

  • Hydraulic unit
  • Chain conveyor system with inlet guide vane
  • Hydraulically adjustable chassis
  • Pick-up system for wheel loaders
  • Pressing device
  • Electrical system

 Steelworks / reconditioners
Application: Compaction of recycling material

Automatic press for 200 l metal containers with distribution to transport containers for recycling.

S&Ü drum press for 200 l steel drums emptied of residues

In the video we present details of a drum press for the compaction of residually emptied 200 ltr. steel drums.

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